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wiz care

The wizard that helps you make the most of your "golden age "

Holistic Assisted Living in your home

Combined with a variety of community and social services

If you recently found yourself facing the challenges that come with

the golden age, such as:

How do we handle daily life chores?

How do we overcome the natural limitations that come with age?

How do we deal with the loss of a beloved spouse?

Who are we going to call when we need assistance?

How do we reduce the burden on family members?

What is the best way to preserve our independence and our ability to choose?



In recent years, while taking care of our parents and relatives, we

have witnessed their struggles to cope with the challenges of

getting older. As experienced entrepreneurs in the Service and

Technology markets, we first conducted an in-depth research study

on the subject in Israel and abroad over several years. We then

mapped out the main concerns and desires of this population - the

fear of loneliness, the fear of a meaningless future, the fear of

becoming a burden to our loved ones, as well as the reluctance to

leave the comfort of one’s familiar physical & social environment

(i.e. one’s home).

We assumed the challenge of addressing each of these concerns in

an integrated fashion. We believe that we have developed a

personalized solution suitable for a wide range of people from the

senior population at a reasonable cost, which provides them with

full control and transparency.

Demonstrating sleep problem


We called it Wiz-Care because it is a kind of friendly wizard that

takes care of the wellbeing and welfare of the customer through a

winning combination of technology and skilled staff. Wiz-Care

understands the customer in depth and knows all the solutions and

activities in the customer's living environment. This knowledge

enables it to bring together the most accurate and sensitive match

between the customer's needs, desires and dreams, and those

activities and services accessible in his/her community. All is done

in order to maximize the possibility of our customers to enjoy their independence and ability to choose from among the many services

that now exist for the senior population.

And the team? We have gathered and continue to gather the very

best employees, cherry picking them not merely by their professional and technological qualifications, but rather first and

foremost by their human virtues. Our team is comprised of

high-quality reliable people, with a warm heart, joy of life and love

of people.

From our point of view, this solution provides much more than a

prestigious Assisted Living Facility because it is personal customized solution that enables one to continue to enjoy the comforts of one’s own home.


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